Assist in Hiring Process

My experience in the sales hiring process comes from the many sales members I have interviewed, hired (and let go), in both my previous business and in working as a recruiter for clients. As a sales manager and owner, I developed a unique skill in helping me identify the top performers. My methods helped me find the candidate who was best fitted for the long term job appointment. Choosing the wrong candidate can be a very costly mistake.

“Choosing the wrong candidate can be a very costly mistake.”

One of the keys to sales success is of course the relationship that helps drive business. When we choose candidates, we need to ask key sales questions that will lead to better understanding of whether this candidate is right for the particular sales job. We are making an investment that needs to produce now and in the future. Although I can’t guarantee that I will make the perfect choice, I will tell you that my record of choosing top notch professionals is excellent. So the next time you need some help in the hiring process, give me a call. Get it right the first time!

“Get it right the first time!”

Many of the firms I have worked with in the hiring process are simply not comfortable, not capable, or simply want a second opinion on hiring the right sales individual.  Some view sales as something anyone can do with a little training; therefore their investment in choosing the right individual takes little time because they have so many candidates to choose from. Other employers simply don’t have the time to go through all the resumes, interviews, follow ups required to hire the right individual. They rush the decision and in many cases are disappointed down the road with their choice.  This is indicative of many organizations that go through countless sales individuals before they find the right one. This is not only expensive but each time they have to rehire, they must retrain while we losing valuable ground to our competitors who capitalize on their sales inactivity.

“They rush the decision and in many cases are disappointed down the road with their choice.”

So the next time you need to hire a sales professional, give me a call. I can assist you with some or all of the hiring process. By making the investment in me, your chance of finding the right sales individual grows dramatically. So does your ability to move more quickly on a new sales hire as I have the time and tools to move the selection process ahead to meet your schedule. Take the guess work out of having to hire the right sales individual.