Coaching for Sales Managers

My strong experience in coaching a sales manager comes from the fact that I too was a sales manager in my sales career. Today’s sales managers are responsible for coaching their sales team members to be the all star sales player. This at times does not come easy as the demands from  executive management and  sales team members can take a heavy toll on the sales manager. The hiring and termination process is also left to the sales manager in many cases.

My approach to helping sales managers is to help them become better in training  their sales team members. It is the sales manager that needs to detect time robbers that are taking valuable selling time away from his team. It is the sales manager that needs to work actively in coaching, training and helping teach responsibility. My coaching helps the sales manager  identify weak areas and then helps the managers come up with solutions to solve difficult situations that keep reoccurring. I also have provided a second opinion on new sales prospective members during the hiring stage. The advantage I have is that my opinion can come from a more neutral perspective as well as a pure sales perspective.