Sales  Training

My sales training includes a variety of training techniques. I tailor the training to the objective in achieving more sales results. This could include:

  • One on one training – working directly with the sales representative or sales manager in a variety of areas. I use role playing to help individuals learn new skills that they can apply with their customers.
  • Group training – working with a group on a specific skill. My group training includes participation and role playing.
  • Group workshops – working again with a group but most of the information is being derived from the sales members and then applied to a certain skill. (S.W.A.T. analysis, etc.)
  • Executive Management training – working with the executive management team to understand the needs of today’s sales representative and manager balanced with what the organization’s needs to achieve.

Frequency of training depends on the amount of knowledge the sales individual has and the amount they can retain and implement. In some cases, only one or two sessions are necessary for a group of individuals who might be struggling with closing the sale. With other firms, I have stayed on for months and in some cases years acting as a coach to help the firm achieve higher results through ongoing training in a variety of areas. My goal is to help improve the sales opportunities.