Sales Coaching

My sales coaching ability stems from experience in coaching that I received as a young sales team member and from experience as a sales manager and owner in my previous business. Sales coaches can be invaluable as they can give assistance in generating sales ideas, help deal with challenges facing sales members, and help promote new sales skills that are always evolving. My experience as a sales representative, sales manager and as an owner has given me some unique coaching capabilities. I have the unique awareness to see things from three sides.

Many business owners simply want to sit down and talk about new ideas that are working to produce more sales in the sales arena. After discussing with them (owner, sales manager) some options, I help coach them to implementing the new idea, vision or improvement with their sales team. I have also helped coach many business owners with new compensation plans.

I also coach individual sales representatives. Sometime I do this in a one to one format and sometimes it is done in a group. Even today’s most experienced sales member needs time to talk with someone about a customer, sales process, or a challenge they are facing. Sometimes that coaching is better if it comes from outside the company. My coaching also includes working with entry level sale players who are just getting started in their sales career.

My goal always is to help improve the sales member is opportunities in the business environment. Sometimes this means meeting on a weekly basis for a period of time and other times, a bi weekly or monthly meeting. I am a firm proponent of setting goals and I establish the goal, setting commitment early in the coaching process.

As a coach, I am committed  to your success. If I see something I don’t agree with or could be hampering your sales results, I am going to tell you. It is up to you whether you want to change or keep doing the same thing. When you’re doing well, I am going to tell you. The only way for you to improve is to get the feedback in rising sales as well as from your sales team, company and sales coach. Remember paying for a coach is not an expense, but an investment.