Sales as a career and business

My professional experience includes many aspects of running a business. For the first 7 years of my career, I was focused in becoming exceptional in the world of selling. It took a lot of hard work building the fundamental sales foundation that would last me a lifetime.  In 1990, I began my own business with a business partner and then worked on the executive level of running a business as a co- owner. During this time, I continued to work directly with sales as a Sales Representative, National Sales Manager, and owner. I continued to expand my knowledge in developing our marketing strategy to coincide to help drive our sales efforts. I also was committed to working at driving home our company commitment of providing outstanding care to our customers. For 13 years, I had the opportunity to see a 3 person company grow to a 75 person organization with 8 branches across the United Sates and 25 million in sales.

After selling my distribution business in 2003, I began Positive Performance LLC. My 29 years of sales experience includes field sales as a sales representative, management as a National Sales Manager and entrepreneur as an owner. These three experiences have given me valuable knowledge and understanding concerning sales consulting. My passion has always been selling, and I have a wealth of knowledge that I can share with others to help them attain even greater sales success. Today’s business cannot survive on just being good. My goal in working with these businesses is to help them become great in professional selling.

                                                                                                                “Today’s business cannot survive on just being good.”

Most of my work has revolved around working with sales. Since my first job in sales, I have always enjoyed the whole sales process. I enjoy working with today’s sales members and working to improve their performance. I enjoy working with owners, helping them see how important it is to provide the ongoing investment in training in sales. Many believe that once you achieve sales success, the journey to get better is no longer needed. My goal in working with both owners and sales members today is to help them realize that sales is a constant journey, one that they need to continue to sharpen the saw to become even more valuable to their customer. Sales training is investment. The more the sales member can learn about the principles and psychology of selling, the more successful they will become in selling more product, improving margins, and learning long term strategies that will keep them long term all star sales members.

                                                                               ”Sales training is an investment.”