Sales Compensation

Paying too much? Not paying enough? Not creating a program that drives your sales team member? Designing the right compensation program for today’s sales professional is key to driving the company’s and sales individual success. Creating the right amount of compensation balance can be a difficult decision at times. The right formula is different for each company.

More and more companies are going to performance based compensation plans. Here, the sales professional’s compensation is based upon their performance as a high end sales performer. There are many ways to create performance based compensation programs that will provide the needed drive for the sales individual. Some organizations do it with 100% commission programs, some with salary and commission and others might to it with a salary, commission and bonus program. As a sales representative, sales manager and owner, I have been greatly involved in creating various compensation programs that are balanced and fair. My experience involves being on both the receiving side (sales representative) as well as the giving side (company side). My 28 years of working directly in the sales arena have given me an opportunity to see many compensation programs that have both worked extremely well and those that did not meet their objective. At Positive Performance, I have helped many companies with either adjusting or completely overhauling their compensation programs.

If you’re feeling that you could use some new ideas or simply want to review your current compensation plan and see how it could be improved to help drive more sales, then give me a call. I would be happy to review your existing plan and give you suggestions on  how you might be able to improve it.